Our New Client Process

New Client Services

Upon becoming a new client of Goodlife HOA Management, LLC you can expect us to perform an immediate evaluation of your community from a variety of different angles.

Below are just some of the reviews and evaluations we perform within the first 30 days of being hired:

Administrative Services for Homeowners Associations:

▪ Mail welcome letter to all homeowners that announces the change in management and provides pertinent details on our company and new contact information.

▪ Thorough review of all contracts and important vendors to assure competitive pricing and that all contract terms are being met. In person meetings with primary vendors to establish working relationship going forward and to review scope of work.

▪ Review of the Governing Documents and Rules & Regulations. Suggestions for improvement will be made based on best demonstrated practices at similar communities we manage.

▪ Complete review of Association records transferred. We inventory all records before sending to storage.

▪ Create an Annual Calendar of Events of the Association to be included in the meeting agenda and community website (if applicable).

HOA Financial Management Solutions:

▪ Analysis of Reserve accounts to assure interest returns are being maximized.

▪ Review of current Association budget.

▪ Evaluation of past due owners that may need to be sent to Collections.

▪ Perform change of address for all vendors.

▪ Mail out account statement or coupon books to all homeowners to use for payment of assessments.

▪ Mail out Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information for automated payment of assessments.

▪ Review of most recent financial statement prepared by previous management company.

▪ Evaluation of current cash position of Association.

Property Management Services:

▪ Conduct a thorough site inspection to become intimately familiar with the community and to get a jump on immediate maintenance needs and violation issues.

▪ Evaluation of the current condition of the landscaping, irrigation system, roads, lights, and

other HOA maintained components in the community.

▪ Review of Reserve Study to identify upcoming projects for the next 12 months.

▪ Obtain competitive bids for any services that the Board is not currently happy with.

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